The Seven Angels (2014-19) 25'


Clima (2019) 5'


Life By The River (2019) 6'

alto saxophone

Clara-Luna (2017) 7-8'


Air (2014) 3-4'

solo violin

Scherzo Nervoso (2013) 4'

solo violin


Homages (2016) for double quintet 8'  

Sandcastles (2015) 6'

violin and piano

Walks on Water (2014) 6'

solo piano, flute, clarinet in Bb, percussion (bd., t.t., vib., glock., sizzle cym., large sus. cym.), violin, violoncello

alternative instrumentation:  percussion (see above), solo piano

Five Constellations (2010) 8'

flute and harp (or piano)

Echoes (2008) 10'

string quartet


Violet Trees (2018) 4'

SATB, piano (in Mandarin)

Water (2017) 4'

SSAA, piano  

Three Nansi Songs (2015) 9'

S, MS, A, T, (Bar.), B

Island (2012) 4'

SSAA, piano (in Mandarin)

Ariadne's Love (2011) 6'

SSAATB and string orchestra

Ariadne's Lament (2010) 4'


Vocal Music and Opera

Panic Love (2020) a capella opera. 20'

voices(5): MARIAM, soprano. MOTHER, soprano/mezzo-soprano.

GREEK CHORUS MEMBERS, tenor 1, tenor 2, and bass

Fisherman's Pantoum (2020) song. 3.5'

voices: FISHERMAN, tenor 

instrumentation: piano 

Kopi For One (2018) chamber opera. 30'

voices: WAITRESS, soprano/mezzo-soprano. DAUGHTER, soprano. FATHER, tenor

instrumentation: flute (doubling finger bells), clarinet in A, violin (doubling temple block), violoncello, piano

Window Shopping (2014) chamber opera. 20'

voices: WOMAN, soprano/mezzo-soprano. GIRL, soprano 

instrumentation: flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, violoncello, piano

Laksa Cantata (2013, revised 2018) chamber opera. 20'

voices: LEAH, soprano. STEPHEN, baritone/tenor 

instrumentation: clarinet in A, violin, piano

Pursuant (2013) musical. 90'

voices: ETHAN, tenor. [VARIOUS]. children's chorus

instrumentation (10): fl. (doubling picc). cl. hn. drumset (doubling vib.), keyboard/piano, electric bass)

April Showers (2010) chamber opera. 10'

voices (3): BRIDE, soprano. BRIDESMAID 1, soprano. BRIDESMAID 2, mezzo-soprano.

instrumentation: piano


'Triple' Concerto《三人行》(2019) for erhu, ruan, percussion and wind ensemble. 20' (2 perc.) harp, contrabass. 

soloists (3): erhu, ruan, and paigu/marimba

Vanda (2014-18) concerto for violin and orchestra. 20' (timp.+4 perc.) harp. solo violin. strings

of an ethereal symphony (2015-6) for orchestra. 7'

picc. (timp. + 2 perc.) vib./celesta, harp. strings

Viola Concerto Saving Theseus-Ariadne's Love (2014) chamber orchestra. 12' (timp.) strings. solo viola

A Carp Emerges (2014) concerto for marimba, percussion and orchestra. 16'

picc. (timp.+3 perc.) solo marimba. strings

Rain Tree (2011) orchestra. 12'

picc. (timp. bd. crotales. vib. mar.) harp. strings

Ariadne's Lament (2010) 4'

strings (with obbligato viola solo)

Toward Dawn (2010) 10'

wind ensemble


Howl's moving castle (2013) 6'

string orchestra, piano

Beatles Songs (2014) 10'

string orchestra

Three Chyi Yu Songs (2010) 10'

string orchestra

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