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Life By The River (2019)


alto saxophone

(The score may be reinterpreted as an ensemble piece of free instrumentation)

Duration: 6'

After Liu Kang’s painting of the same title, this work is written as part of a collection of works by Singaporean composers for a programme titled SG Pictures at an Exhibition in homage to Mussorgsky. Curated by Robert Casteels in collaboration with Philharmonic Winds and the National Gallery of Singapore, the performances include an actual promenade through the gallery where the performers present these new works for the audiences around the original works of art by a range of Singaporean artists.

Andreas Marinello delivered the first performances on alto saxophone on 26th and 27th October 2019 at the National Gallery, where Liu Kang’s painting is housed. A reprise of the project was performed in March 2020.

Subsequently, the Singaporean saxophonist Samuel Phua, along with his colleagues at the Sibelius Academy, performed the work in three versions: solo saxophone, mixed ensemble and saxophone ensemble.

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