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Lost In Order

Performed by Roberto Alvarez (Flute) and Iskandar Rashid (Percussion)

SETTS #2 - 24 January 2016, Esplanade Recital Studio, 5pm


flute and timpani

Duration: 5'

Many of us fall into a daily routine that seemingly follows a certain logic or structure, but sometimes we lose our focus while being immersed in these repetitive cycles. This piece expressed my paradoxical feeling of being lost in order, when I was a college student. The combination of the flute's flexibility and the stability of the timpani, in my opinion, serves to convey this paradox. Other ways include juxtaposing rhythmic variety over pitch stagnancy, and creating melodic movement over texture consistency. In the final section where lines flow back and forth from one instrument to the other, I tried to create a sense of searching - for more meaning in life. 

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