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A Day A Lily (2022)
a docu-opera about dementia

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Voices (3):

LILY/SINGER, soprano.

SON, tenor (or baritone).  


Instrumentation (4): violin, viola, violoncello, piano 

(Piano-vocal version available)

Duration: 22' (Part 1 only)

Initiated by Dr Wong Su Sun with the aim of raising awareness of dementia due to her own elderly parent's condition, A Day A Lily (Part 1) - a docu-opera is a mini documentary on dementia weaved together with the journey of a fictional famed opera singer who begins to lose her mind while at the height of her career. From brushes with dementia-like symptoms, to heart wrenching moments of forgetting loved ones, Wong Su Sun and Jonathan Shin beautifully bring alive this tragic yet poignant story of the human mind. The film is a documentary-opera that interlaces excerpts from the opera with interviews from persons living with dementia, medical experts, social workers, carers, as well as the creatives' process of making the opera.

Dr. Wong Su Sun as SINGER (soprano)

Jonathan Shin as SON (pianist)

Brenda Koh, violin

Christoven Tan, viola

Leslie Tan, violoncello

Jonathan Shin, piano

Librettist, Producer: Jack Lin

Co-creator: Dr. Wong Su San

Dramaturg: Nora Samosir

Director: Lim Ziyu (The Floating Folks)

Tang Poem《酬梦得比萱草见赠》by Bai Juyi (白居易)

Screening at National Museum of Singapore, Gallery Theatre
on June 29, 5.45pm and 7:30pm

Straits Times, Life:

联合早报 (张鹤杨): 歌剧纪录片关注失智症《萱草忘忧》将放映 

The creative team is planning on developing Part 2 of the project.

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