Walks on Water 



solo piano, flute, clarinet in Bb, percussion (bd., t.t., vib., glock., sizzle cym., large sus. cym.), violin, violoncello

alternative instrumentation:  percussion (see above), solo piano

Duration: 6'

This work is essentially a sketch of a piano concerto. I first came across the phrase “walks on water” when a colleague was describing the Swiss conductor Gustav Meier as a reverent figure. This of course refers to the image of Jesus walking on water, in various biblical passages (Matthew 14:25, Mark 6:48, and John 6:19). It formed the inspiration for the flowing textures created by the piano in combination with atmospheric and undulating contours from the ensemble. An earlier Pierrot-ensemble version of this work was performed by the Italian group Alter Ego led by Peter Eötvös at the International Bartok Music Festival in Hungary. 

Subsequently, the ensemble version was premiered by the YST New Music Ensemble led by Chan Tze Law in 2015. 

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