Walks on Water 



solo piano, flute, clarinet in Bb, percussion (bd., t.t., vib., glock., sizzle cym., large sus. cym.), violin, violoncello

[alternative instrumentation:  percussion (see above), solo piano]

Duration: 8'

This work is essentially a mini-concerto for piano and chamber ensemble. I first came across the phrase “walks on water” when a colleague was describing the Swiss conductor Gustav Meier as a reverent figure. This of course refers to the image of Jesus walking on water, in various biblical passages (Matthew 14:25, Mark 6:48, and John 6:19). It formed the inspiration for the flowing textures created by the piano in combination with atmospheric and undulating contours from the ensemble.


2021 - Ensemble Æquilibrium (Singapore) SIFA Festival 'Echoes of Fire and Water'. Premiere of complete version by pianist Bertram Wee led by conductor Lien Boon Hua.

2019 - Pianist Nicholas Loh performed the solo version 'Walks' at the Project IDIOM, through 'The Future of Our Pasts' Festival (Yale-NUS)

2018, 2015 - Pianist Churen Li performed the chamber version at the NUS commencement 2015, as well as the 2018 Voyage Festival with fellow YST alumni musicians conducted by the composer.

2015 - The sinfonia version was premiered by pianist Clarence Lee and the YST New Music Ensemble led by Chan Tze Law. 

2014 - An early version of this work was performed by the Italian group Alter Ego led by Peter Eötvös at the International Bartók Music Festival in Hungary.