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The Seven Angels 


solo organ

Duration: 25'

The cycle of The Seven Angels began with the last movement (The Seventh Angel), which was originally written for the collaboration between the Composition department and Donald Sutherland’s organ studio at Peabody Institute in 2014, first performed by Jungyeon Kim. With reference to biblical text from the Book of Revelation, The Seven Angels are in seven movements, where each movement depicts the wrath that follows each of the trumpet calls. The full cycle was completed through the unwavering encouragement and support from the Juilliard-trained Singaporean organist Phoon Yu, who has championed the work ever since.

The Seven Angels premiered on 22nd and 23rd August 2019 at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music on its Alumni Series, in a programme titled “Revelations and Angels” jointly curated by Phoon Yu and Mervin Wong (Theemptybluesky Productions). Mervin’s visual and sonic reflections filled the space between each movement of The Seven Angels, where each performance was book-ended by a different prelude and fugue by J.S. Bach. This collaboration culminated in the project Beyond the After.

The studio recording of The Seven Angels is featured on the album titled SEVEN (tracks 8-14), released by Centaur Records.

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Album Review by Dr. Chang Tou Liang

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