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Four Reflections 

From the concert "Dialogues and Reflections" by the Composers Society of Singapore (CSS) in collaboration with Asian Composers League-Korea (ACL-Korea). Esplanade Recital Studio | 20 Aug 2019 (Tu) | 8:00 PM

Christoven Tan, viola

From violinist Elicia Neo's project "Emergent", filmed on 19th March, 2022.


solo viola (or violin)

Duration: 7'

Four Reflections was written in dedication to a friend and an admirable instrumentalist, Lim Chun, who had also inspired my viola concerto. Composed with the viola in mind, Four Reflections has also been performed on the violin (transposed). There are meditative qualities in this work that perhaps reveal an influence of my mother, a devout Buddhist. Expressing various states of reflection using natural harmonics as sound material, each movement reflects briefly on the previous movement in an interlocking form akin to the alternation found in the rhyming scheme of pantun poetry. The four brief reflections are:

I. Reflective

II. Ethereal, with a sense of freedom

III. Lighthearted; Dream-like

IV. Spirited

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