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April Showers (2010)


voices (3): BRIDE, soprano. BRIDESMAID 1, soprano. BRIDESMAID 2, mezzo-soprano.

instrumentation: piano

Duration: 10'

Premiered by Peabody Opera in May 2010, this work was written as an Opera Étude under the direction of Roger Brunyate. Later in 2010, the “New in November” Opera Festival, Hartford Opera Theater staged April Showers.


April Showers is about a woman on the eve of marriage. The bride-to-be, April, and her two best friends are in her bedroom, chatting casually about their bridal sale fight, the dress, and their lives in general. The mood changes as the bride reflects on her life and her situation. This is contrasted with similar reflections from each of the other bridesmaids before the scene ends light-heartedly. 

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