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Suite from Pursuant 


wind quintet 

[flute/picc, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon]

Duration: 4'

I. Prelude to Train Scene, Dream Scan.
II. Welcome to Your Future

This instrumental suite originates from Pursuant, a musical commissioned by the Singapore Lyric Opera and was produced in 2013. Based on the original story and lyrics by Jonathan Lim, the 1984-inspired dystopian story is “set in the year 2023, in a familiar country called SingaCorp. Pursuant is an original musical that traces the adventures of young Ethan, a secondary school boy with an unstoppable capacity for dreaming. The only problem is - dreaming is illegal, and dreamers are arrested and sent for treatment!” - (Singapore Lyric Opera) The instrumental suite for woodwind quintet was written for the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival (2013), and later performed by SETTS as part of the Sounding Now Festival (2018)

In 'Train Scene, Dream Scan' the MRT stops (or breaks down) abruptly, and the Dream Squad rushes in to scan the minds of the passengers for any illegal thoughts.


'Welcome to Your Future' features the music of the party held at the ominous skyscraper and organisation with a fictitious name of a massively long acronym - MCYSICEA (Ministry for Community, Youth, Sports, Information, Communication, Environment, and the Arts). 

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