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As It Is
Monologue, Dialogue and Harmony (2013/2021)


solo contrabass

Duration: 7'

Monologue expresses a sense of loneliness and distance, as if the fragility of one’s innermost thoughts are sounded out. It is written almost entirely in natural harmonics and without bar lines or concrete note values where ‘quasi-Schenkerian’ slurs connect the implied phrasing and inner voice leading.


Dialogue explores the interaction between two contrasting voices, where the rhythmic and jazz-inflected pizzicati is placed in juxtaposition to an elegant and floral higher voice in arco with a quality of timelessness.


Harmony is about the resonance and balance of two concurrent voices that ebb and flow with time. Like a sort of telepathic connection, almost in-sync, the double stops are marked ‘thoughtful and nuanced’ in arco, and then later in pizzicato, creating a guitar or lute-like texture.


Monologue (2013) is dedicated to my friend, bass player Yu Nuttaphon Lerswanuswong. It was composed during the summer of 2013 at the Orford Music Festival in Canada, where I studied briefly with Ana Sokolović and Jean Lesage.  Dialogue and Harmony (2021) are two newer movements written for bassist/composer David Arend (and his wife Yoa) as a belated wedding gift. The title of the set ‘As It Is’ is borrowed from Yoa’s ikebana flower sculpture captioned ‘Just as it is’ (on Instagram, #yoaikebana dated 19 July 2020).

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