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A Singapore Trilogy (2012-18)
Laksa Cantata & Window Shopping & Kopi For One

A Singapore Trilogy comprises three chamber operas - Laksa Cantata (2012/2018), Window Shopping (2014), and Kopi For One (2018), and was written in collaboration with librettist Jack Lin.


In 2018, it was produced by L’arietta Productions and directed by Nora Samosir, at the Living Room and the Blue Room of The Arts House, Singapore. Laksa Cantata and Window Shopping were performed at the Living Room, with a simple set that implied a wedding dress, and in turn, a shoe boutique. Concurrently, the premiere of Kopi For One took place at the Blue Room, which was transformed into a kopitiam (coffeeshop) with the visual canvas of artist Alvin Mark Tan, and a set of kopitiam tables and chairs, the experience was enriched by the smell and taste of kopi (coffee), teh (tea) and Peranakan snacks.  


A Singapore Trilogy - Suite (2020)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Straits Times sponsored the opera company L’arietta Productions to repackage an aria each from Kopi for One 2018, Laksa Cantata 2012/2018, and Window Shopping into a suite for the ‘30 Days of Art Festival’.

Supported by the NAC Young Artist Award grant, the studio recordings of all three operas was released on United Records at the end of 2021.

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