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of an ethereal symphony (2016)


picc. (timp. + 2perc.*) [vib. or celesta], harp. strings

*Percussion 1: crotales (with bow), tam-tam, glockenspiel

 Percussion 2: vibraphone (or celesta), bass drum, crotales, tam-tam

Duration: 7'

Commissioned by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, this work is written for the orchestra’s 2016 European tour to Dresden and Prague, among other cities. It is conceptualized as a movement of a larger symphonic work that explores the idea of cosmic motion of otherworldly places. I was very much inspired by the text of 'Eternal Song' penned by a fellow Singaporean composer Alicia de Silva, in which the text 'ethereal symphony' sparked a musical imagination. The delicately celestial textures in this piece also recall a memory of my late grandfather, who once commented that 'we are living in a place that is quite like paradise.'

A premiere recording of this work is released on NAXOS:

Journeys - Orchestral Music from Five Continents

Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Miguel Harth-Bedoya

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