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Count On Me, Singapore
(arr. 2012/2022)


wind band

3.1.4(IV=bcl).1 - 2asax.tsax.barsax - 2.3.3.euph.tuba - perc(6): bd/cym/chim/glock/vib/mar


Duration: 3' 30"

Originally composed by Hugh Harrison for the 1986 National Day Parade, this was re-arranged for the Singapore Wind Symphony (SWS), under the late Adrian Tan.

This arrangement of "Count of Me Singapore" reveals the nostalgia of the composer's youthful days growing up in Singapore. The built-in resonance, overlapping textures and poetic orchestration asks for a subtlety in all facets of performance, especially of the clarity in tone and expressive phrasing. 

A poem accompanies this personal re-imagination of the National Day tune. 

Count the colours

the flag that honours

us almost patriotic

as Rothko might depict


Count the textures I paint

On lines that are faint

Me, esoteric?

some, wildly critic 


Counter-melodious answer

serves to deter

or meaningfully suffer

a potpourri of laughter


Count the turning points 

On crossroads of life

Meandering over 

Singapore river 

Country like none other

One to truly savour

Meant to be a world-leader

Singapore would never falter

The score and parts are published by Retsel Mil Publications (2012 version)

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