Count On Me, Singapore
(arr. 2012)


wind ensemble

3.1.4(IV=bcl).1 - 2asax.tsax.barsax - 2.3.3.euph.tuba - perc(6): bd/cym/chim/glock/vib/mar


Duration: 3' 30"

This arrangement of "Count of Me Singapore" reveals the nostalgia of the composer's youthful days growing up in Singapore. The built-in resonance, overlapping textures and poetic orchestration asks for a subtlety in all facets of performance especially of that of clarity of tone and expressive phrasing. 

A poem accompanies this personal re-imagination of the National Day tune. 

Count the colours

the flag that honours

us almost patriotic

as Rothko might depict


Count the textures I paint

On lines that are faint

Me, esoteric?

some, wildly critic 


Counter-melodious answer

serves to deter

or meaningfully suffer

a potpourri of laughter


Count the turning points 

On crossroads of life

Meandering over 

Singapore river 

Country like none other

One to truly savour

Meant to be a world-leader

Singapore would never falter

The score and parts are published by Retsel Mil Publications