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Ariadne's Lament (2010)

for string orchestra


string orchestra (with obbligato viola solo)


a capella version: Ariadne's Lament (SSAATB)

chorus with string orchestra version: Ariadne's Love

viola concerto: Saving Theseus-Ariadne's Love

Duration: 4'

Commissioned by re: mix, Ariadne’s Lament is the string orchestra version of Ariadne's Love. The a capella version was written for Ng Tian Hui when he led the Choir of Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges. 

in 2015, re: mix presented a film version of Ariadne's Lament in collaboration with director Shawn Lee Miller.

"The final Singapore film by Shawn Lee Miller shot the nation by night, an almost ambiguous statement that portrayed an LRT ride and steamy Geylang in the same light. Chen Zhangyi's Ariadne's Lament had similarly shadowy intentions, with an impassioned viola solo by Janice Tsai as the final word in a cycle which ended in an eerie quiet." - Chang Tou Liang

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